Metronome with tempo- and time changes

A 5/4 break before the chorus? A tempo change after the intro? Where a normal metronome is driven to it’s limits, Polytrome just get’s started:

  • Programmable time- and tempo changes
  • Storing of complete song structures
  • Very precise, CoreAudio based playback.

A song ist made up of parts that have a time signature and a number of repetitions. Each part may also include a tempo change. The unique compact playback screen shows the current beat and the current repetition as segments of a circle. The number of the current beat is also shown in the center. The Speed can be adjusted with the dial above the beat view. It ranges from 40 to 240 quarters per minute. Tapping in the middle starts and stops the playback. The volume is displayed below the beat view. Tapping on it shows the volume slider. The time and tempo changes can be stored and recalled as different songs in the settings.

$ 1,99
Current Version:
2.3, Jul 6, 2020
iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 11.4 or later