Triangle Calculator.

The formulary with the law of cosines can stay in the drawer: Trivice HD let you calculate the values of any given triangle.
The necessary parameters are:

  • Three sides or
  • Two sides and one angle or
  • One side and two angles

The input is made completely without the keypad by using the graphical controllers on the corners and edges. Fractions can also be set, for example for imperial units. The value of the active controller is shown in the display in the middle of the device.

In addition to all angles and sides, the area, height, perimeter, inner and outer circle are calculated. The result is shown graphical as well as numeric. The last calculations can be recalled from the history.

The number of fraction digits for input and result can be defined in the settings. It is also possible to use fractions for the input, for example for inch values.

$ 0,99
Current Version:
Trivice: 3.1, Nov 18, 2020
Trivice HD: 3.1, Nov 18, 2020
Trivice: iPhone or iPod touch with OS 13 or later
Trivice HD: iPad with iOS 13 or later

for iPhone
for iPad

Frequently asked questions:

The program does not respond 
One controller has always to be selected with a tab. The active controller is marked by a black arrow.

Are there any plans for a numeric input?  
Tricive was designed from the ground up without numeric input. Numeric input is not planned for future versions.

What are incircle and circumcircle? 
The incircle ofr inscribed circle is the circle that touches the triangle on all three sides. The circumcircle or circumscribed circle is the circle that passes through all vertices of the triangle. For a triangle, exactly one incircle and circumcircle is existing.