Field of Depth Privacy Policy

Effective Date: Aug 3, 2020

The following data is stored in Field of Depth:

  • The equipment with all entered data for cameras and lenses
  • The version the app was last opened with
  • The last selected equipment
  • The chosen system of measurement (Metric or Imperial)
  • The unit used for the metric system on the distance scale
  • The unit used for the imperial system on the distance scale
  • The orientation of the camera (landscape or portrait)
  • The display of the instructions for the AR function

This data is stored exclusively on the device. The data is stored indefinitely, but is deleted when the app itself is deleted.

The current position of the device is used for displaying the focus range on the map, provided that permission has been granted. This position is not stored and is not transmitted anywhere. 

Data on the usage of Field of Depth is only collected within the limits of the App Store. Apple’s Privacy Policy applies.